How it works

Did you receive your kit? Follow these quick steps.. theres 6 of them.


  1. Fill out your online registration found in the “register my kit” tab depending on which test you chose. 

  2. Time to Self Screen, Read the Instructions inside the kit fully before beginning. If your not big on reading we created a instructional video located below.  

  3. Using the kit components collect your sample/s

  4. There is a “sample return” bag in your kit, place your collections in there.

  5. Put your Sample return bag into the pre paid pre addressed mailing envelope

  6. Mail It out,  results in about 7 business days! 


ISelfScreen is an independent no contact way to keep up with your vaginal healthcare. Checking your STD status, collecting cervical cells, or just your yearly checkup ISelfScreen is here to help. Everything needed to administer the test is in your kit that arrives in discreet packaging to your door step. Preventative care and early detection should not be complicated. Testing for HPV, abnormal and pre- cancerous and STDs should not be invasive, uncomfortable or expensive.


What is included in your ISelfScreen HPV testing kit: 


  • Lubricant

  • Swab Sample Container

  • Tube Speculum

  • Introducer

  • Brush Sampling Unit

  • Sample Container

  • Disposable Hypoallergenic Gloves

  • Swab Specimen Collection

  • Instructions

  • Patient Info Card

  • Customer ID Labels

  • Specimen Bag with Absorbent Pad

  • Shipping Envelope with Pre-addressed Pre-Paid Label



The ISelf Screen kit , has two different tests to help our lab get the most accurate results. Lets get familiar with the two tests. 



The first test is the “Vaginal Swab”.
Use this swab to collect your specimen. Once it is collected place it into the container and close it. 



The second test is the “Vaginal Cell Collection”
Using the sampling brush, collect your specimen. This brush is the same as you would find in any gynecologists office. Snap the brush into the container and close it. This container has some liquid in it, don’t discard it. 


Now, just Mail it out.

In your kit you will also find a small plastic “specimen bag” place your two test containers in there and close it. Now place that into the envelop, don’t worry it is pre paid with the address on there already, send it through USPS (the U.S. Postal Service) 



And your done, its that easy. Many Women can self administer the test in as little as 10 minutes.

Dr. Richard Conlen

After attending St. Georges University earned his Doctor of Medicine degree, from Florida Atlantic University earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry, and from Florida Southern University a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. Dr. Conlen is board-certified with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, is currently medical license active in Florida and New Jersey, and has a permanent ECFMG certificate. Affiliated with Boca Raton Community Hospital and Bethesda Memorial Hospital. Dr. Conlen specializes in most appropriate treatment for each patient individually. He knows everyone’s circumstances and situations are different and he continues to only utilizing the most current state-of-the-art medical or surgical treatment available.

Board certifications: 
American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Education and training: 
Medical School - St. George's University School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine 
Florida Atlantic University (Bachelor’s)

Specialties OB-GYN: 

Practice names: 
Richard Conlen MD

Hospital affiliations: 
Boca Raton Regional Hospital


Antonette Decrescenzo

CEO and Founder of JGT

Established in Naples, Florida Just Get Tested is a largely growing company focused on sexual health and wellness. We have created a confidential and accurate way for you to take control sexual health. Your testing results are yours to keep and to share with whom ever you choose. STD Testing can be done as often as you need giving you peace of mind when you need it most.

Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Administration from King University.