Women’s Discreet At-Home Test Kit

Testing for these STDS/STI's should be done frequently, anytime you change partners or have any unusual symptoms. Self testing is easy. Everything needed to administer the test will arrive quickly and discreetly to your door step. 


Specimen Collection Method: Vaginal Swab 

Personal and Private screening done by you in less than 10 minutes


Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Purchase your standard JGT kit.
  • Receive your kit discreetly in the mail. Register your kit here, Collect specimen. (follow the JGT instructions inside your kit) 
  • Mail the specimen to our lab. A pre-addressed and prepaid for envelope is provided for you. 


What is included in your JGT Kit:

Instruction card, Vaginal swab, Specimen collection tube, Biohazard bag, Patient information form, Pre-addressed pre-paid return envelope. 


Getting your results: Your results in as little as 7 business days. We know your results are your peace of mind. If you are tested positive we will have our board-certified physician will reach out to you with a treatment plan.

JGT for:

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  • No refunds, if any of our kits arrive with contents damaged or missing please email: info@justgettested.org

  • Free shipping with all JGT products, mail back to lab envelope is pre adressed/pre paid. send through usps. No additional cost to you.