Below here are the Terms and Conditions for JustGetTested (JGT). By mailing in and submitting my sample for analysis and registering my JGT kit, I show my agreement and that I understand the conditions and terms which are: 1. I must follow the instructions and guide entirely and completely or it could lead to a false negative result or a poor sample. 2. I fully understand that a negative result means that for the particular sample that I submitted it was negative. I understand abnormalities could still exist. A negative result could be that the user does not have any abnormalities or that the sample specimen that I submitted was not able to distinguish any abnormalities. 3. I fully comprehend and understand that a positive test result does not mean I am ill or that I am suffering from a disease it simply means that I am advised to seek further medical attention that I may need to have more evaluation and monitor my health. 4. I understand that any health information regarding my results from the test are confidential, not shared and are full responsibility of the laboratory used and/or my physician. Not the responsibility of JustGetTested LLC. 5. I fully understand that demographic information of any kind that I have provided like location, age, etc. are necessary for testing. I understand that this demographic information is used and necessary by the laboratory. My information will not be used for marketing purposes, internal or external. Statistical data information will not and cannot be used to identify me. It is keeping anonymity intact. 6. I completely understand that JGT laboratories are independently doing the testing and as required by law depending on the circumstance are required to report results prior and anonymously to health authorities. 7. I fully understand and completely agree that the responsibility and liability of JustGetTested/Women’s Global health, or any of its representatives, is limited. Limited to the cost of the kit. JustGetTested/Women’s Global health is not liable for any misuse of any of its kits. 8. JustGetTested is an independent and personal screening testing system that is not approved by the FDA and it is not supposed to prevent disease, diagnose or treat any kind of diseases of the cervix or vagina. 9. I certify and verify that the sample submitted and identified is my own and I have screened to the best of my abilities I have not changed or misused or altered it in any manner. I certify and accept that the information on this form and on the sample bottle is truthful and accurate.